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Raise your hand if you’re tired of the word “blog”!! Ok, this is the internet, so I can’t actually see that your hand is raised. However, if you’re like me, you have come to hate that word.

Once Upon a Time…

There was a trend that started called weblogging. People would get online and tell their stories … log their life. Human nature shortened “weblogging” to “blogging” and thus was born a new¬†thing that you just have to do!

Disrupting the Norm

There are a few of us writers who are rebelling. We’re writing “customer corners” or “insider information” posts or “knowledge banks.” No matter what you call it, I will write yours.

What You Can Expect

Highly customized on-site (your web pages and blog) and off-site (guest blogging) content, posts, evergreen content, and timely content that gets you found by search engines.

My Expertise

I have spent years perfecting writing skills. Then, I took every marketing course there was at college. My career has also centered around marketing … in one way or another.

The Tools I Use

Plan: I can put together a detailed and personalized editorial calendar that will allow you to use in-house writers to develop content at specified times.

Write: I provide reader-friendly content using the Flesch writing scale. You’ll get content with more than 90% active voice. You choose the article size (300 words, 1000 words, or more) and I will write it. Always Typing can also review your current content and revamp it so there will be consistency of voice and ensure that it’s all unified across your platforms.

Review: I use a number of content review methods (including Grammarly) to ensure content is error-free.

Optimize: All of the content you get from Always Typing will be SEO optimized with appropriate categories, tags, meta descriptions, and keyword phrases.

Publish: You can add me as an editor to the content section of your website and/or social media and I can publish directly OR I can send your content in a Word document for you to publish. Most clients add me as an editor.

Analyze: Via Google Analytics, HubSpot, Google Search Console – to keep track of visitors, traffic sources, demographics, returning visitors, page rankings, bounce rates, shares, and more.

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