Company Branding

When you think of companies like McDonald’s, Walmart, Ford, and Disney, their logo pops into your head. The logo is where branding starts. In order to effectively reach consumers, convert them to clients, and maintain their loyalty, you must have consistency in branding. 

How we build an amazing brand for your business -

  • Logos – all logos are designed with responsiveness in mind. This means they can be used anywhere without worrying about blurriness.

  • Stationery – this includes letterhead, envelopes, business cards, favicon, and an email signature.

  • Social Media – you’ll receive Facebook-ready cover photos and you can add on cover art for other platforms (like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram).

  • Stock Photos – this includes an animated logo, up to 10 stock photos (branding is all about consistency), and 3 promotional posts that you can use on your social media platforms.