How To Develop A Good Call To Action

Call to Action

Your customers are reading through your blog or they’re browsing the content on your website. What happens when they’ve read everything on the page? Did you ask them to do something?

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All of these things are considered a call to action. So, how do you develop a good call to action?

call to action

The first step is to determine the type of call to action you want. Do you want something to be in your customer’s face? Do you want something more gentle?


Website Popups are a great example of anĀ in your customer’s face type of call to action. They’re often used to get customers to sign up for a newsletter or they can make an offer to customers. These are the types of calls to action that you need customers to know about rather immediately.

website popup

When a customer visits your site, the popup opens. They have to interact with it in order to get back to your site.


There are a lot of button-type calls to action. These require the customer to CLICK in order to interact with the business.

button call to action


The world has become so fast-paced that if you don’t immediately get your customer’s attention, they’re gone. The next website they visit will get their attention and, with the right calls to action, they’ll keep the customer’s attention.

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